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Showing Yorkshire Terriers is a hobby that I enjoy during my spare time. I have shown at all the top shows, including the world-renowned Westminster Kennel Club in New York. In the last five years, I have had the most AKC ranked Yorkies in the United States. This includes two ranked #2, one ranked #5 and two others ranked in the top ten.
Occasionally, I will have a litter of Yorkie puppies available for sale. Having had judges, veterinarians, and other breeders checking and re-checking the dogs is how we determine what characteristics are deemed best. All of this is taken into consideration when searching for the right match when planning a litter. I look not only nationally, but internationally. All of this in hopes of finding my next show dog, and improving the breed. 

All Yorkie puppies going to a new home must be spayed/neutered. I never ship the puppies, nor would I ever sell to a pet store/broker. I would prefer to meet prospective buyers to insure that the puppies will be going to a proper and safe environment.

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